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April 8, 2019


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Creating Consolidated Laboratories

A lot of hospitals are now transitioning into creating a central core lab facility to avoid sending out samples to different places which can ultimately improve the efficiency of lab testing. Medical professionals often term this as Consolidated Lab Testing. This product or service aims to lessen the money being used to send out samples along with the time and effort it takes.

This company that holds consolidated lab testing aims to be able to give results to simple testings like normal hematology tests to more complicated tests such as toxicology, endocrinology, and molecular genetics. The one-stop-shop approach does not only work well with the providers but also for the patients since results are presumed to be delivered faster, mostly within hours instead of a few days. This can only mean that the necessary treatments to be done can be started immediately.

Centralizing lab operations is particularly helpful for large health systems with multiple hospitals. Expansion of medical facilities in one health system is now less of a big deal.

Hospitals need to assess the situation whether or not they need to construct a centralized lab testing facility by gathering more info. It is also necessary to gather information about how many test providers are existing in the hospital and if there is a need for expansion or just maintain the regular amount of tests offered. Once that is settled down, the next thing to plan for is the staffing and resources. There might be a need to add more medical practitioners and health professionals. Lastly, figure out where to settle your new lab facility. Whether it be an extra space within the hospital’s vicinity or a different place altogether, the space should be open for ease of setting up equipment as well as storing and processing test samples.

It is also better to plan out the open hours of the laboratory and not just the professionals or specialists who should be hired. The lab is restricted in terms of number of personnel and the availability of resources and equipment because that limits the number of test procedures to be performed.

The lab should also be established in terms of workflow, from handling and receiving test samples down to having a detailed waste management system.

Opening a laboratory means there are extra rules and regulations that needs to be observed as mandated by health agencies.

Protocols should be established to keep staff and samples uncontaminated for the reason that the lab contains a lot of harmful biohazards and toxic chemicals.

The security should also be tough and there should be a limited number of individuals allowed to access the lab samples.

This useful site is home to information if you wish to establish a centralized lab facility.

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